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Take advantage of our innovative language learning mobile applications.
Just choose and download your Evoca app from Google Play and learn in one of the following languages: Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc.

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Learn 500 essential words in no more than 10-15 days

Evoca innovative word learning apps allow you to quickly learn and profoundly memorize a large number of words and phrases with no effort. We have combined modern technologies with the most effective learning methods and designed a new sensational learning tool for you with a number of advantages.

About the App

Innovative learning methods!

Evoca comprises a set of audio dictionaries that can work on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or other devices. Mobility is number one feature of our app which allows you to practice a foreign language at any convenient place or time.

Currently we provide Evoca apps in 4 languages. The number is going to rapidly increase in the nearest future

Evoca apps focuse on 3 main topics. New topics are to be added soon

You can now once adjust the settings to your comfort and and needs and start learning by just listening to the audio streams.

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What Makes Evoca Stand Out

Evoca apps make language learning process easier and faster. Just adjust the settings to your needs and go ahead with your learning process. The quick audio repeatition of words and their translations will automatically set strong associations between words and their translations in your brain.

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